7 Ways to Learn Faster for SSC Exam Preparation

The Staff Selection Commission is the premier recruiting body that conducts SSC exams to recruit candidates in various government departments and ministries.

The various posts for which SSC conducts recruitment exams are:

  1. SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level)
  2. SSC CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level)
  3. SSC JE (Junior Engineer)
  4. SSC CPO (Central Police Organisations)
  5. SSC GD (General Duty Constable)
  6. SSC MTS (Multi-tasking)
  7. SSC Stenographer

The commission has released the exam calendar for 2021 for all these exams. Aspirants can go through the detailed SSC Exam Calendar 2021 on the given link.

The SSC exams are the most sought after exams and candidates preparing for these exams are required to complete the vast and comprehensive syllabus. Hence, to help aspirants cover the whole syllabus of Staff Selection Commission exams, we have collated 10 points to help them learn faster while preparing for SSC exams.

Tips to learn fast for SSC exams

  1. Make your own notes- while preparing it is important to take notes of important points and facts with pen and paper. Writing down your own notes encourages comprehension and retention. Notes taking means reframing the information in your own words thus helping you to retain them for a long time.
  2. Upskill your notes taking skill – a good note is one that helps you to revise and recall the concepts behind the mentioned pointers. Notes taking is a skill that must be mastered by all who are preparing for any exam. You should create notes while preparing so that later at the time of revision it may help to remember concepts, gain a deeper understanding of the topic and develop meaning.
  3. Dividing the study hours – studying at a stretch for long hours will only exhaust your mind and body. And we all know that cramming the subjects has never helped. Have short study sessions, go through a topic, understand its concepts then prepare its notes and go through the notes to do any changes in it, then again start with another topic. Doing this will keep your mind fresh, motivate you for learning more and will help you remember the things longer.
  4. Try mnemonics – the best way to learn a lot of information quickly is to practice mnemonics. It helps to simplify the information making it easier for learning. You can use different associations such as pattern of letters, some sound or music, etc. to ingrain things deep in the memory.
  5. Make it a fun – try out different ways to make your study a fun. To learn a new topic you can go through the prescribed books to study but also try to learn the same topic using other sources. For example, you can go through video lectures for the topic, you can hover various podcasts, run through your notes, practice questions papers and quizzes based on the topic, etc. Trying out multiple ways to learn one thing creates a repetition of the same topic in mind thus helping you to learn it quickly.
  6. Break to restore – you can only inhibit any new thing in your mind if your brain is active. Continuous studying overloads the brain and it stops functioning, fails in storing information thus leading to stress. Therefore, give multiple breaks to your brain so that it can be restored and relieved from fatigue. This will help your focus more. Remember, breaks should not be too long.
  7. It is important to be hydrated – water is not just important for our skin and immune system it also plays a crucial role when it comes to our cognitive abilities.  When our body is dehydrated, our brain has to work harder than usual to perform tasks and it seriously affects our mental health.

Learning faster to cover up the vast syllabus of SSC exam is not a challenge, with these sure-fire tips you will be able to make your preparation a smooth ride. Aspirants of SSC examination can check out the updates regarding SSC Admit Card on the given link.

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