Brow Tinting Tips and Tricks

How’s your eyebrow game? Do you spend more time trying to capture a fuller and thicker shade? Makeup is a gem, but in the modern, fast-paced world, it can be frustrating. That’s among the reasons more people are turning to brow tinting. While not a relatively new thing, its popularity has hit new highs. The trend continues to be a favorite as it saves time, is cost-effective, safe, and easy. While a valuable hack that should be in your beauty regimen, you can only get the most out of it if done right. Here are a few tips to help you up your brow tinting game.

A professional touch

DIY brow tinting is fun, but nothing beats a professional touch. The professionals know the ins and outs, including managing a perfect dye blend to match your features. With the pros, you’ll save more time while enhancing safety. While brow tinting is safe, you might get some dye in your eyes, which can cause an unpleasant experience. Moreover, you might experience an allergic reaction. The pro will help you pick an ideal product that is less likely to cause such a reaction, and with their experience, ensure that the process is efficiently managed, meaning no safety concerns. A visit to the pro will only take as few as 20 minutes to get the job done, and with their touch, you’ll realize better results.

Make it last

Eyebrow tinting, on average, lasts for two to three weeks. Nonetheless, it can scale to as long as 6 to 8 weeks. This is subject to your skincare routine, skin type, and sun exposure, to mention a few factors. For instance, sun exposure has a bleaching effect. As such, the color fades a lot quicker. Apart from avoiding much sunlight exposure, you can make it last longer by measures such as;

  • Let the dye settle: Don’t wash or touch your brows after the tint. Give it some time to settle; you’ll enjoy a darker shade, and as it sticks better, safe intact for long.
  • Revise your products: What do you use; oil, gel, or cream-based makeup remover? Oil-based products can strip the dye from the brows. Switching to gel or cream-based options will help you avoid such concerns, making it last longer.
  • Don’t disturb them much: Your spoolie brush is a joy as it helps you shape your brows to your liking. Nonetheless, after eyebrow tinting, it would be best if you do not use it as often. This will ensure that the dye doesn’t lift faster, and the hair won’t fall out as much.

The color

While considering the color, a quick hack is to consider your hair. Fair hair, for example, can make the brows less visible. Blonde and brunette, for example, are best suited by darker shades. If your hair is black, stick to the dark shade; anything light will look out of place. The trick here is to pick a color that complements your natural looks. An option that isn’t made invincible by your hair but complements it. With the many shades available, you’ll find a blend that best helps to elevate the brows. With the right color, you’ll soften the facial features and make your eyes pop. It’ll help you achieve more than just fuller and thicker brows, as it lets you compliment your hair game.

Choose the right product

Picking the right color for brow tinting is out of the way, but that doesn’t narrow your product choices. The color isn’t the only check as you shop; it helps if you consider the ingredients. Some products might be frustrating, especially for sensitive skin, as you might get an allergic reaction. Look beyond the color and the price tag, ensuring that you choose the best product. Carefully read through the description and ingredients. Also, consider user review. The reviews will help you establish if the products are effective. If you go the professional way, this won’t be much hassle, as they know the best products in the competitive market.

Brow tinting is a non-invasive and safe hack that can up your beauty regimen. It can considerably cut the time spent wearing makeup. With the above hacks, you’ll enjoy easier tinting and ensure it lasts longer, saving you more time and money.

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