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Your car is your pride; if it gets hit by another vehicle, it may leave a devastating effect on the owner. Find a car insurance company that you can trust and has your best interests in mind. It does not matter who was at fault at the time of the accident; the car insurers have a fixed amount of the liability cover for their client. They also provide a replacement, until your car damages are repaired.

Some of the insurance companies even give a discount to their clients if they do not receive a claim from them for the whole year. There are different car insurance policies for different types of needs of the client. It is very important to make the right choice for your particular car insurance requirement. Your car insurance should be a quick call away. A general assessment and fast repairs is what you need, to get your car back on road in no time.

Types of Car Insurance in Australia

In some states of Australia, the government has imposed a mandatory type of car insurance due to its geographical location or the accident occurrences in the area. For example your vehicle registration will include Third party Insurance compulsorily if you buy a vehicle in New South Wales. There are three types of car insurance covers provided by most of the insurance companies or banks in Australia:

Third Party Property Damage, Fire and Theft

  • It covers your vehicle, if it catches fire or is stolen
  • Damage to a third party vehicle is covered in this policy
  • It comes with a fixed amount of liability cover
  • A motorist damage is also included up to a certain amount
  • A replacement car is provided for a period of 21 days
  • The towing and transportation of your damaged car is undertaken by the insurer

Comprehensive Car Insurance

  • It is the most popular type of car insurance policy
  • Along with your damaged car, any other property or vehicle damaged are also covered
  • There is a fixed amount of liability cover
  • Uninsured motorist of the damaged car is fully covered in this policy
  • A substitute car is provided for 21 days, in case of theft
  • The towing and transportation of your damaged car is undertaken by the insurer
  • A new car replacement is provided if it is less than 3 years old or driven for less than 50,000 km
  • Personal items are also insured
  • Wind Screen cover can also be added to the comprehensive policy

Third Party Property Damage

  • It is a budget friendly policy
  • It covers the damages caused to a third party vehicle or property
  • It has a fixed amount of liability cover
  • The uninsured motorist is also covered up to a particular amount

Choice of Car Insurance in Australia is made easy with flexible pay-by-the-month premiums, making car insurance affordable for all the Australian citizens belonging to the different statures of the society.

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