Cooling Mattress Protector Guide

Buying a mattress can be a major investment. A good mattress is very expensive, and you’ll want to protect that investment. However, some mattress protectors can be very warm, which isn’t great to deal with as the weather warms up. Whether you naturally sleep hot or just want to be prepared for summer, a cooling mattress protector and an organic weighted blanket will be a major help while you try to sleep through sweltering nights.

What Types of Protectors are There? 

Besides cooling mattress cover options, there are also waterproof ones, ones that include padding, and even ones with built-in heating and cooling. You can also find ones with features like being bed bug proof. You should consider what other features you’d like in your mattress protector. If your mattress is getting older, one with padding or an additional cooling mattress pad can help you sleep more comfortably.

Waterproof or Not?

While waterproof mattress protectors can be very helpful, they do come with downsides. For instance, waterproof protectors might help with spills or pet accidents, they can be very hot. The waterproofing can also be noisy. There are options now that are cooling or quiet, but they are generally pricier. Always check reviews before you buy. Just because the manufacturer claims that it’s quiet or cool doesn’t mean it actually is or survives washing.

What Material is Best?

Mattress protectors come in several materials. While cotton is common, bamboo is becoming a popular option. Thanks to its sweat-wicking abilities and antibacterial nature, it’s very good for a cooling mattress protector. However, it can be more expensive than other options. Protectors with built-in padding are another option, but they can sleep hotter and you need to be sure it’s easy to wash.

Passive or Active?

You should consider whether you want a passive or active cooling system. Passive pads use wicking or breathable fabric to feel cooler. These can help with mattresses that sleep hot, though it won’t completely eliminate issues. Active cooling uses either fans or fluid-filled systems to cool you down. These can work amazingly, but they have downsides. They can be noisy, and fluid systems always carry a risk of leaks. These systems are also expensive.

Budget Options

After shelling out for a new mattress, splurging on a mattress protector can be out of the question. Online sites can be amazing for finding deals. Be sure to read reviews to be sure you’re spending your money well. A basic protector will be cheaper than a fancy one with lots of features, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice cooling mattress protector. Decide what features you need and look for options in your budget.


Cooling mattress protectors can be a great way to not only protect your mattress from stains but also help you sleep better as the weather gets hotter. Keep these guidelines in mind and you should find a protector that meets your needs. Even a cheap passive cooling protector along with an organic weighted blanket will help you sleep better as the weather warms up.

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