Cross Numbers And Their Origins

Cross numbers puzzle games are among the most popular puzzle games available today. They are preferred by many players because they not only tease the brain and keep it into good shape, but they also improve concentration and problem-solving skills. These games are almost the same as crossword puzzles, except that the clues generally describe numbers instead of words.

There are plenty of cross number puzzle games available today that players can download on either Google Play Store or on Apple Store. Some of the most popular cross number puzzles include Sudoku, and 2048.

The modern cross number puzzle we are playing today on our mobile devices have gradually evolved over the years to become what they are today.

In this article, we are going to discuss the origin of some of these two cross number puzzles. Let’s get started!


Sudoku is undoubtedly one of the most popular number puzzle games available. Sudoku is fun and addictive too. It is simple to learn and easy to play. Sudoku puzzle games can be played on different platforms. For instance, it can be played in magazines, newspapers, books, or online.

Sudoku is a puzzle game that requires the player to place number 1 to 9 in a 9X9 grid. The rule of the game is not to repeat any number within the rows or columns. But who invented Sudoku? Well, many people think that since Sudoku is Japanese term that means “single numbers,” that makes it a Japanese game. But this isn’t the truth. The game was invented by an American by the name Howard Garns in 1979. Garns was a retired architect and a freelance puzzle constructor in Indiana. The game was published by the Dell Publishers by the name “Number in Place.”

In 1984, a Japanese publisher by the name Maki Kaji published the game in the magazine of his puzzle company known as Nikoli. He renamed it Sudoku, which is its modern name. It was until 2005 when Sudoku became very popular across the globe. It broke all the records to be the best PC puzzle game. Today, it is so easy to find someone playing Sudoku whether on paper, tablet, or on their smartphone. Sudoku is fun, interesting, and addictive, and this is what has made it gain massive popularity across the globe.

2048 Original

The 2048 Original puzzle game is also one of the puzzle games that have taken the world by a storm. This puzzle game, developed by Gabriele Ciruli, an Italian web developer is one of the best brain-teasing games that can keep your mind in good shape. 2048 Original was released in March 2014.

The game is usually played on a plain 4X4 grid. The game is a sliding puzzle and the player is required to slide the blocks and arrange four blocks in the ‘2028’ manner. While the math behind 2048 seems quite simple, the game itself is very difficult. Since its release in 2014, this fun puzzle game has seen the most number of downloads and ratings.

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