Do You Want to Take Care and Maintenance for Your Timber Floor?

As the popularity of timber flooring has grown, so has also the advice and products related to how to clean and preserve them. Not only that, but wood species vary in colour and hardness, as well as coatings and floor treatments, resulting in a wide range of maintenance procedures and cleaning materials. It is no surprise that wood floor owners are perplexed!

However, it is certain that regular care will not only keep your timber floors looking fantastic, but it will also help them last for many years. In case, if you need timber flooring repairs then choose your tradie after referring to the Flooring Domain website, where the best flooring related companies are listed.

Here are some simple ways to keep your wood floors free of spills, scratches, and dents:

  • To reduce the quantity of dirt and sand tracked in, use floor mats inside and also outside doors.
  • If it is raining, set aside a spot to remove your boots so you do not track water inside.
  • Place a bench or chair by the door to encourage people to take their shoes off before entering.
  • Keep a small towel by the entryway to clean up any puddles or spills promptly.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the house, rain or shine (this is particularly important for cleats or heels)
  • Underneath any furniture, place floor protection.
  • To avoid scratches, place a mat in the play area of your children.

Timber floors need ongoing maintenance

Timber floors are usually easy to maintain, but they can be harmed by a variety of factors, including sand or grit tracked into the home on shoes. These microscopic particles act like sandpaper, causing ugly scratches.

Extremes in humidity and temperature, as well as strong sunlight, are natural enemies of a timber floor. Particularly, intense sunlight can cause gapping and possibly cupping of boards (particularly where the margins of the floorboards are higher as compared to the centre ones), as well as speed up the toning and darkening of some floor finishes.

Filtering sunlight with blinds, curtains, patio roofs, and awnings can help to slow down this process. Wipe up spills promptly, place floor protectors on your furniture feet, keep the nails of your pet clipped, and remove your high heels just before walking on your timber floor are all additional techniques to follow.

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The basic cleaning approach is the same regardless of the type of timber floor that you have – use a vacuum or a soft broom to remove dust and debris. After removing any abrasive objects, spot-clean your floor with a moist cloth and mild cleanser.

Once a week, give your timber floors a light damp mopping. To avoid water spots, gloss-finished floors should be towel-dried afterward, and specialty timber cleaning products that be available.

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