Everything You Should Know About Condoms

The standard rule for sex is, you should always use condoms. It has become very hard to choose the right condom for use because they have become more available in numerous brands and styles in the market. Using condoms is among the most effective methods to avoid early pregnancies and STI’s. The majority of people know about condoms, that does not necessarily mean they are fully aware of all it offers. Below we have a look at some things that you should know about condoms before you purchase them. You can find more at prezervatyvai

  1. They work when you use them well.

Condoms are highly effective when they are used appropriately. However, most people do not know how to use condoms well; thus, causing a rise in the number of unwanted pregnancies. You are advised to press condom’s teeth tip before wearing it to squeeze the air off it. You should also use one condom at a time, having confirmed its expiry date. Suppose you purchase condoms in bulk, store them in cold places to prevent exposure to adverse temperatures.

  1. They are available in different brands and types.

Condoms are not only found in specific sizes and features. They come in different varieties. It would be best for you to research on the different types of condoms before purchasing one. You should pick one that is more compatible with you and your partner and gives you maximum pleasure. There are several varieties for people who are allergic to latex, commonly present in most male condoms. Different types of these condoms include the Durex and Skyn condoms.

  1. They perform equally with other family planning methods.

Many people halt the usageof condoms when they upgrade to better family planning methods. It is, however, advisable to continuewith theusage of condoms, to ensure maximum safety. Some STI symptoms delay showing signs when tested, making it desirable to use condoms even if you think the other method is enough. Using barriers in family planning will destroy the vagina wallsexposing you to STIs.

  1. They have more uses besides vaginal sex.

You should not limit condoms for only when you are having vaginal sex as other forms of sex can also transmit STI’s. Proper lubrication is required when having anal sex.This applies to both sexes. You can easily find condoms that have flavor and lube that ensure maximum pleasure.

  1. Condom size matters

The size of a condom is an excellent determinant of the pleasure that you will achieve during sex. If they do not fit well, you will have less fun, and a higher chanceof contracting diseases. When the correct size is used, sex quality will remain unaffected. It would be best if you tried a few brands before settling for the appropriate one for you.


With theseprimary factors to know about condoms mentioned and elaborated, it will be a lot easier to choose one for you and your partner to use for maximum pleasure.

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