Heading on a Pan-India Bike Trip? Make Sure to Carry These Documents with You

For many bikers, a pan-India ride is the ultimate adventure. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the nation offers many beautiful sights to be seen and cherished. Such a journey is the ultimate test of stamina and endurance. You would want to be prepared to ensure you are ready to face any situation for a safe trip. One of the most important aspects of your preparation is having all the required documentation in place before starting your ride. The right paperwork will help you sail through state borders with ease as you are able to prove your identity and your vehicle’s legal compliance, should the need arise. So, if you are planning a pan-India bike trip soon, here is a list of the documents you must carry with you.

  1. Bike insurance

It is mandatory to have at least a third-party bike insurance policy to ride your two-wheeler on Indian roads. However, experienced riders would advise you to invest in a comprehensive bike insurance policy with suitable add-ons that will truly give you holistic coverage. Make sure to check whether your bike insurance is renewed before heading out on the road. It is also recommended that you keep a soft copy of the policy in your smartphone even if you have the hard copy printed out.

  1. Registration papers

According to The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, no vehicle can operate on Indian roads without a registration certificate (RC). This document proves that your bike is registered with the Indian government. You could be stopped by any policeman and asked to produce your RC while riding across the country.

  1. PUC

PUC stands for the ‘pollution under control’ certificate that is issued to cars and two-wheelers in India. The PUC certificate affirms that your bike’s emission levels are as per the permissible standards laid down in The Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

  1. Driving licence

Under no circumstance should you forget to carry your original driving licence along with you. Not having this document at hand can see you being charged a heavy fine.

  1. Health insurance

It is important to have your health insurance and / or personal accident insurance paperwork with you whilst on a road trip. In the unfortunate circumstance that you meet with a mishap, you will not need to shell out funds for treatment and can simply fall back on your insurance to foot the bills. Insurance truly can give you peace of mind when you are away from home. Make sure your coverage has been renewed and is valid pan-India.

These are the five most crucial documents that you must have on you at all times when headed out on a pan-India bike trip. Even while traveling, be sure to keep these documents on your person at all times and never leave them in the hotel room. Finally, do get your bike serviced before you start your journey so that it is in mint condition. We hope this article will help you. Ride safe.

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