How Did Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart Become Friends?

Let’s be frank; we were just a little bit surprised when we first saw Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart pair up for a TV program. When did the two meet? Are they mates anyway? The odd pair, after all, come from entirely opposite backgrounds, with a popular rapper on famous RapTV being one and a domestic icon being the other. However, this relationship is absolutely genuine and has arisen organically, as challenging as it may be to accept.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the popular pair first met when the “Anger and Juice” rapper performed on the Stewarts’ show Martha in 2008. Snoop featured on a show on mashed potatoes, and returned to bake brownies with the homemaker maven the next year. Stewart challenged the hip-hop artist to set the oven for the baked goods at 350 degrees, and Snoop laughed, “Why not bake them at 420 degrees?” The crowd broke into laughter, turning TV gold.

Opposites Attract:

The two met back when Snoop Dogg was on Martha Stewart’s chat show, Martha, for the first time. Martha was on top of the universe of lifestyle TV in 2008, and Snoop came on to be questioned and appear together in a cooking episode. However the two were enjoying such a nice time as to wind up spending more time together.

The two have been close since then and are proudly naming each other best friends. There’s an explanation why they work so well at the Potluck Dinner Party of Martha & Snoop, and it’s because the chemistry they share is 100 per cent genuine.

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart were together presenting a VH1 show:

Snoop Dogg and Martha have managed to stay in contact since speaking on Martha. Quick forward to many years later when both of them landed their own program on VH1 called the Potluck Dinner Party of Martha & Snoop.

The 2016 release of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party features the two icons working together and sharing alongside famous buddies while still enjoying a lot of fun along the way. In several of the series, Snoop Dogg is still apparently hooked on pot.

Their relationship:

The relationship between the two usually revolves around food, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Yeah, his pot habits are notorious to Snoop Dogg, but he can make a mean dish too. Plus, you know the minute the two plunge into one of the famous drinks made by Martha Stewart, it’s a fun time.

But Snoop is obviously up on the set every day, when being toked up, though 100 per cent liable. He’ll also spray his dishes with a pinch or two of weed, and if he feels dangerous, put some into Martha’s dish as well. Course, Martha’s a nice sport and against the green stuff is anything but. When handed to her, she might not be reaching the blunt, but she may fall into a marijuana brownie or two.

Both Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are enjoying a nice time together, with or without drinks and drugs. But the real value of their relationship is not under the influence of food, but the teachings they teach one another.

To make one another better:

Martha Stewart, on the other hand, is possibly the most well-educated individual in gangsta rap culture in any of the Hamptons. Via Snoop himself and the numerous rappers who played on the Potluck Dinner Party of Martha & Snoop, Martha has opened up to all of the rap music and experienced a great deal.

It’s evidence that wealth doesn’t imply you can’t be connected, and it doesn’t mean they can’t acquire class from where everyone came from. Both Snoop and Martha have made a statement because their show is about mixing worlds together, and it doesn’t imply they can’t come together at the end of the day only because the kitchen has a split personality.

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