How to choose a registered agent in Delaware

When it comes to setting up an LLC there are many factors to consider. Hiring a Delaware registered agent is one thing to consider when setting up an LLC in Delaware. If you need more information about hiring a registered agent, then check out the following information below.

What does a registered agent do?

A registered agent is responsible for receiving compliance information, tax notifications and necessary paperwork for your LLC. They also handle any lawsuits that your company receives. They can be beneficial to hire, since they can handle responsibilities on your behalf. It is required for you to have a registered agent in every state in the U.S.

Why should I hire a registered agent?

If you hire a registered agent, the agent’s address will go on public record, which means that your business address will stay private. When it comes to handling lawsuits, everything will be handled discreetly and privately, which saves your reputation from being damaged. Not only that, but once you receive notification about the lawsuit you can act accordingly too. If you are not good at time management, then having a registered agent can help you since they notify you on all the paperwork that is needed to be completed on time. Another benefit is that if you choose to expand your business in the future, a registered agent can help you with that.

Can I be a self registered agent?

You’ll have to be 18 and over, have a physical address for your business in Delaware and always be available at all business hours.

How do I choose a registered agent?

It can be tricky choosing the right registered agent for your needs. When you choose a registered agent, you need to consider the fees that they will charge yearly for their services, and you would need to see which packages they offer that can be suitable for your LLC. You have to choose your registered agent during the process of filing formation for your LLC. You can change your registered agent by filing paperwork with the appropriate state agency.

It costs $90 as a filing fee in order to download the Certification of Formation and fill in the required details, which would need to be sent via mail and given as a physical copy to the Delaware Secretary of State. If you choose to change your registered agent, there is a $50 fee and you would have to fill out a form on the Delaware Secretary of State website. You would need consent from the new registered agent that you’ll change to.

Here are some registered agents to consider:


ZenBusiness offers exceptional customer service to clients, by offering a worry free compliance, as well as assisting with annual filing and additional advice. They also have an online document management system that helps you organize your documents as a business. If you are not tech savvy, then don’t worry, since they will upload all the documents for you. The annual fee with ZenBusiness is $99 as a package.

Northwest registered agent

Northwest registered agent service is another one to consider for hiring. They use their business address on a public record, they handle all of the files for your LLC, they have a company management system and they protect all personal information. The annual fee for their service as a package is $125.

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It is an advantage to hire a registered agent because it can be useful to you in many ways. You get to save yourself time with the longevity of paperwork, you get to stay on track with deadlines and your reputation for your company is saved from any harmful damage. It may seem like you are paying more with a registered agent, but you are actually saving money, for most packages include features that can help you in the long run.

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