How To Ensure Your Laundry Room Looks And Smells Clean

It beats logic to walk into a room meant for cleaning, and it looks dirty and smells funky! Unfortunately, some people have failed this test, and when you walk into their laundry rooms, the one place that should be clean, you want to leave right away. So how do you get your laundry room looking clean and smelling fresh?

Below is how to do it effortlessly.

Clean your dirty laundry

Dirty clothes smell sweaty, which may be the source of the foul smell you cannot stand. And shoes can also be a potential source of a funky odor. Well, if you want your laundry room to smell good and clean, clean these items as scheduled.

Be organized

Have a system that lets you know which are the dirty clothes and which are not. Have laundry baskets sections with one for storing dirty clothes and the other for freshly clean clothes—store then that you can not mistake any for the other. The same should be done for shoes and any other thing that stays in the laundry room. Have a designated detergent cabinet and keep it organized too.

Wipe off the detergents

Sometimes after pouring out some detergent or fabric softener, a bit of it can stick on the rim of the lid and even drip down the container; clean this off. This will ensure that the extra does not leak to the floor or on the surface you will place the detergent.

Clean the floor after doing your laundry

Water and other soapy fluids may find their way behind the machine and even settle under it. After a while, this same water will start smelling funny, and it can even stain the floor and rust the machine at the bottom. To avoid such, make a habit of cleaning the laundry room floor after every washing session. Simply pick a mob and wipe the water that might have found its way to the floor. Do not forget to clean under and behind the machine.

Wipe all surfaces

To keep your laundry room clean, wipe all the surfaces, including the window sills and the doorknobs, and the machines themselves. All the dust that might have settles will make your laundry room appear messy, so clean them up.

Check for leaky pipes

The pipes fixed on the machines that bring in and out the water must also be in top shape. If they are leaking, they might cause water to get to the floor and causing some issues. Sometimes the leak might be from a loose connection, and that should be fixed too.

Get air fresheners or plants

The scent of detergent is the very smell of cleanliness, and so most times, you might not need an air freshener. But if you do love adding an extra complimentary fragrance, perhaps a eucalyptus or minty scent, then why not!

Plants can also do great as they will help you purify the air inside the laundry room. And more so, give it a cozy look.


Your laundry room should and must be kept clean, to the same standards you keep your bathroom or kitchen.

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