Natural Treatment Options To Cure IT Band Syndrome

Those who are runners or tend to lift heavy weights probably know how bad knee pain can turn out to be. IT band syndrome treatment is designed for those who have been suffering from the most common running injury that usually hampers the knee and causes immense pain. But most people don’t really take such a thing seriously and eventually end up facing a lot of trouble in future. If the right action is taken on time, then a person can get back to the routine again. But the treatment doesn’t just have to be medicines with side effects. Rather, there are some great natural ways to deal with the problem too.

What is IT Band Syndrome?

Those who are regular runners or must have started with physical activity recently probably shall have the problem of IT band syndrome. This problem occurs mostly amongst the people who must perform the knee motion in a repetitive manner. There are of course risks involved in it. Those who have been facing lower back pain or knee pain need to understand that IT band syndrome is a common problem that can happen.

IT band which is an acronymic used for the iliotibial band is the fascia thick band that runs in the downside direction outside of the thigh from the pelvic bone. It is located just below the tibia bone of the knee. The ITB passes the knee at the same location where there is a sac filled with water. It is called Bursa. It works as a water balloon that reduces friction and thus protects against wear and tear. But often the ITB gets torn down due to the bony bump on the outer side of the knee can cause pain.

Natural Treatments for Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Surgery is not the immediate IT band syndrome treatment that a doctor would advise. Since with different chronic and acute inflammatory situations, surgery is the last thing advised. Besides, there are some natural ways by which the problem can be treated.

Start walking:

Before starting with biking, running or any kind of knee bend exercise, as a part of an efficient IT band Syndrome treatment, the walk is a must. The quality or maybe half a mile walk can be helpful. It would warm up the body, especially the legs.


Another easy yet best thing that can be done for dealing with this syndrome is to take as much rest as possible, the condition can improve as the activity which initiates it is avoided. If there is any pain on the outer side of the knee then it is important to take some ways off from the usual workout routine.

Stretching & Strengthening

If the regular stretching is done then quadriceps, iliotibial band¸ and hamstrings can have better relaxation. It can also prevent the syndrome from occurring again. Besides, the hip abductor muscles need to strengthen as well. Even a study has shown that the long-distance runners that have ITBS are likely to have weak hip abduction strength in the leg that is affected as compared to the one which is unaffected.

Ice & Heat Therapy

Both hot and cold self-care IT band syndrome treatment is the best option to choose. It can give quick healing results. Simply use the hot water bottle or the heating pad on the affected area for warming up the area before the whole workout is being started. Then follow it, use the ice to reduce the possible pain that is likely to happen. Daily if this is done for 15 minutes, a considerable difference can be seen.


Iliotibial band syndrome usually happens when the ITB gets swollen or there is an irritation against the bone right outside the knee. The primary function of ITM is to control and reduce the inward movement of the thigh as the heel tries to be on the ground while running. Since ITB is likely to cross two joints and hip with the knee joint, there are likely to be problems in those respective areas as well. That is why follow the above tips that are all-natural ways to deal with the problem. Of all, the body needs proper rest and hence it should be done in the right way too.

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