Short-notice moving in Toronto

Are you currently in a situation where you urgently need short-notice movers in Toronto? Whether we talk about a same-day move or about a last-minute, you are probably still not very excited about the situation. A residential move takes a lot of planning and involves some hassle, and things get even more complicated when we talk about a last-minute. Renting a truck, booking professional movers, packing, reserving the elevator, and many more chores weigh heavy on the pre-relocation TO DO list. Keep reading to learn how to properly plan a seamless short-notice move in Toronto!

The fact that you now find yourself in the position of having to prepare for a short-notice move is not necessarily a result of poor planning. As a matter of fact, most of the times this is not the case. Maybe your plans have changed, maybe some unexpected events took place, maybe the movers you booked ditched you, or maybe life just had other plans. The important thing is you now need short-notice movers to help you relocate in Toronto. Professional moving companies, such as Let’s Get Moving, have a lot of experience with these needs, since they are quite frequent among people living in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We will gladly help you with your short-notice move, anywhere in Toronto or the GTA, regardless of the size of your move or of the distance to your new home! Even if you need same-day movers and this process might sound unrealistic to you, get in touch with us and we will go above and beyond to come to the rescue!

Be positive

Good things don’t happen overnight, some might say. Rome was not built in one day, others might add. And we do agree with these sayings, but there is one that we like even more: the best resources are the ones you have. If you only have one day to plan and complete your Toronto move, then it is useless to think about what could have been in the ideal case scenario. And don’t even think about blaming yourself and anyone else! It is what it is, let’s make the best of it in the time we have. If stress already got you and you are worried about how your short-notice Toronto move will be, try to relax and take things slow.

Even the shortest of short-notice moves can be stress-free and impeccably executed, if you make some smart choices along the way. To begin with, consider hiring professional movers and packers to do everything for you. A crew of movers from a reputable moving company can definitely do the job easier and quicker than you. Just think about it, these guys have helped so many people pack and move in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, nothing is impossible for them! These professionals have trained hard and worked in the industry for years, so don’t hesitate when it comes to choosing between moving by yourself and hiring them!

Choose wisely

Even though you are in a hurry and possibly on the verge of panicking, do not go for the first search result Google retrieves! You might feel like your choices are very limited, now that you are in need of finding short-notice movers, but that is not true. You can definitely find professional movers and packers to help you with your last-minute move, and you might be surprised to see that you actually have where to choose from. A lot of Toronto moving companies offer their services on short-term notice. After you found a few of these companies, make sure to check their reviews! This way, you will figure out whether or not they are reliable and can be trusted to handle your short-notice move. Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Homestars, and Facebook, are just a few websites where you can look for customer reviews. You might say you won’t have time for this, but believe us, it will only take a few minutes and it will be really worth the effort! Besides, if you choose wise enough, you will not even have to pay a fortune for these short-notice moving services that you will benefit from! Let’s Get Moving is one of the companies that charge affordable hourly rates, so you don’t have to break the piggybank to pay for your move! Don’t believe us? Get in touch and we will surprise you with a free estimate for your last-minute move in Toronto!

Call professionals ASAP

You just found out (or realized) you need help with your short-notice move. First thing you have to do, before you call your friends to complain about whatever it was that brought you here, is to call a professional moving company (after you have done the brief research we mentioned in the above paragraph). Do you only have a few hours to complete your move? It might sound impossible, but you never know! Chances are there is an opening in your movers’ schedule and they can make room for you there.

At Let’s Get Moving, we always keep backup crews, just in case, and most of the time we engage them in these short-notice Toronto moves. It is always rewarding to see the joy on the faces of happy customers who truly believed that moving on such a short notice was purely utopic. But remember: the sooner you call, the better for everyone!

Call Let’s Get Moving right now if you need short-notice professional movers in Toronto!

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