Simple Spring Cleaning Tips for a Tidy House

When the sun is up, and the heavy snow is no more, it is time to get out and make your home sparkle. Spring cleaning is much more satisfying than anything else, but much of the pleasure only comes once the job has been done.

Unfortunately, cleaning your home from top to bottom is never an easy thing to do. You need to find ways of making the project manageable and enjoyable. This is the primary reason why we have compiled a simple checklist of some of the important things you need to do to make spring cleaning easy.

So, let us get started.

1.     Tidy first

Before you start cleaning, make sure you tidy up things and put everything in its rightful place. Take time to walk through your home, and you will notice how much stuff and clutter you have around.

To make your work easier, you need to start by clearing the clutter and ensuring everything in the compound is in its rightful place. You can start with the outside before you move indoors.

Focus on one section of your house at a time, and be sure to work systematically to create more space in your home.

2.     Break down your cleaning into 10-minute chunks

Sometimes, spring cleaning can be a marathon, but you can always slow things down and manage your time efficiently.  Instead of looking at your cleaning as one big task, break it down into short and easy-to-accomplish tasks that don’t consume much of your time.

This way, it becomes easier to manage everything, and you can always pause and evaluate whether you are on schedule. You can have broad home cleaning categories such as dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing, and so on.

From there, subdivide each category into smaller tasks that you need to accomplish. For instance, within the dusting category, you can have things such as dust windows, shelves, books, countertops, and walls.

Do the same with the other categories, and if you feel overwhelmed, consider hiring a residential cleaning company to help you out.

3.     De-stink you gym clothes

For many of us, the start of spring means much more than just cleaning. It is time to renew our commitment to our exercise regimes and get rid of the excess weight we might have put on during winter.

However, the only problem that most people face is how to wash the smelly gym clothes. Luckily, there is a simple way of dealing with the problem.

Ensure you always rinse your clothes immediately after the exercise. If you are working out from home, that shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you exercise at a gym, be sure to rinse them in the locker room and put them in a plastic bag.

Once you are home, throw them into the washing machine right away. Use a detergent specially formulated for fabrics to rinse the clothes. If they are still smelly, consider soaking them in one part white vinegar to four parts cold water.

4.     Don’t forget about the air

Replacing your HVAC air filters is one of the most crucial and overlooked tasks of spring cleaning. In fact, replacing your air filter will keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy as you enter spring.

An efficient air filter will catch smaller and irritating dust particles, pollen, and even mold to eliminate the risk of allergy reactions. Changing your HVAC filters is one of the most inexpensive ways of making sure you breathe clean and healthy air.

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