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A bad connection is a situation that happens often

  • We live in a digitalized world, where the worldwide web has become an integral part of many activities. Today we cannot imagine living without it. We use the network on a daily basis for work, studying, leading social life, and communicating. Especially today everything goes online. That is why once the connection is poor or totally lost, numerous processes stop, and we begin to panic. It may bring about serious consequences. What should you do when you want to watch YouTube or Netflix, listen to music online, scroll Instagram, Facebook, download or upload files, but you cannot, because pages do not load? Locate the issue and then look for the solution. The first step is testing Internet speed. This simple operation you can conduct yourself before calling your provider. More information here

How can you check the quality of the connection?

  • To see what the speed of the Internet is, apply the service. This platform allows users to test the connection in a browser, for free, without registration. One does not create a personal account to use this tool. The process is fast. Convenience is our priority. Make sure that VPN is off. Open the page, click “Start”, wait a few seconds until the result is displayed. If necessary, you can save it as a picture.
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What are the benefits of this platform?

  • We have developed the most convenient platform. It has a lot of advantages and thus is your best choice. We made the interface easy to use so everyone can work with this platform. It performs seamlessly on both computers and mobile devices. It is not only speed testing – identify the IP address, country, provider, too. Test with any of the supported servers. There are Asian, European, North American, and a database server where the results of recent tests are kept. Hundreds of checks are done every day with this service. We give customers a high-quality tool. Follow the link

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