The Best Windows Security Software

Having the best windows antivirus installed on your computer guarantees that the computer is free against ransomware, phishing scams, and other attacks. Antivirus gives your computer protection from any malicious activity on your files.

Choosing the best window security software can be hard because some of them might be overpriced and still not protect your PC against malware infection.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best security software you can consider.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

This is the best Antivirus and has very few frills. It has a WI-FI scanner, virtual keyboard, and ransomware rollback. It is the choice of every editor.

When you want the best windows antivirus for your computer, Kaspersky should be your very first choice. That’s because when you buy this anti-virus, you are assured of excellent malware protection, new stalker ware protection, and light load during scans. However, this anti-virus does not have many extra features and has no parental control, but it will give you what you need. That is web safety and software protection.

Norton Antivirus Plus

This is for you if you deserve the very best because it has backup software, firewall, and game mode and also is the best choice for protecting your PC. You should buy this anti-virus because it has online storage, password manager, malware protection, and VPN. It is, however, pricey for a single PC.

There are two cheapest Norton antiviruses you can consider as your windows security software. Norton 369 standard gives you internet security because it has unlimited VPN dark-web scans and webcam protection. Norton antivirus plus has a two-way firewall that comes with backup software and an unlimited password manager.

Bit defender Antivirus Plus

This antivirus has good protection and other useful extras. It has specifications such as password manager, game mode, virtual keyboard, Wi-Fi scanner, and a hardened browser.

You should buy this antivirus because it has very good malware protection, active light scans, and other useful features. However, the VPN service is quite limited and has a heavy background impact.

Bit defender offers low pricing for the best windows ten programs. It has an onscreen keyboard that you can use for online banking and online shopping. The VPN service in this type of antivirus is limited to 200mbs per day unless you want to pay extra. It is very easy to use, has no parental control, and guards against rootkits.

McAfee Antivirus Plus

This antivirus has specifications such as ransomware rollback, firewall, and game mode. You should buy it because it has good malware protection, has a presentable array of extra features that will protect your machine for any price. However, it can’t opt out of any data collection and also has a heavy system impact, especially during scans.

With MacAfee antivirus plus, you get a protective browser and a firewall extension.

ESET Nod32 Antivirus

This antivirus is good and has innovative protection. It has specifications such as game mode and has light system-performance impact and an a la carte pricing that is why you should buy it, but it also has very few extra features.

ESET nod32 antivirus is Windows security software that is cheap, light, very effective, and fast but has very few extra frills. It has a unique per-device pricing structure that will save you money. It can scan a PC`s start-up process, run memory and register any hidden malware.

Trend Micro Antivirus Security

This antivirus offers very good protection, but it is Spartan. It has a game mode, hardened browser, and ransomware rollback specifications. It is very cheap, has a secure browser with very good malware protection. However, it does have very many false positives, especially on some tests, and has heavy performance hits during scans.

The security package in this antivirus is more Spartan and the best performing among all the windows ten antivirus programs. It offers a secure web browser for ransomware rollback, online banking, and screens your emails, guarding them against any phishing attempts.

It is important to note that this type of antivirus has a heavy system slowdown when you are doing scans. Therefore, you need to run the scans during off-hours.

In conclusion, the above-discussed window security software will enable you to choose the best for your computer.

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