The Best WordPress Plugins for Creating Customized Author Bio Boxes

Whenever you finish reading an interesting article, you will want to read more from the author of that post. You will also want to find out more about the author who has written the article. Readers like to stay loyal to the writers, whose works they admire. However, many bloggers make the mistake of not utilizing this important marketing element.

Adding an author bio box at the end of your article consisting of your name, description, and other social media handles, could increase your readership. An author bio box can be edited to suit your theme, color, layout, and you can add links to your other content too. There are many author box plugins available for WordPress pages and blogs. Make sure you choose the best one which offers a user-friendly interface.

Different author bio box plugins for WordPress websites

The following is a list of different WordPress plugins that help in customizing the author bio box.

Simple Author Box Pro

The most popular author bio box plugin in the WordPress world is this one. It is a widely favored choice as it is a simple program that anyone would be able to use. This plugin integrates with your WordPress page seamlessly to make it seem like one whole experience.

Furthermore, they provide features that allow you to assign a post to guest authors, add multiple authors to work on the same project, add links to open the website in other tabs or add the nofollow link.  You can customize the box in any theme color scheme, add personalized widgets, typography, and add other unique touches of your own.

Fanciest Author Box

The Fanciest Author Box is an upgraded premium of the free author bio box plugin Fancier Author Box. This is a user-friendly simple plugin that allows you to use the author bio box for posts, custom pages, widgets, shortcodes, etc.

You can even choose custom color palettes for the box. The lazy loading technology makes the plugin work smoothly. Lastly, it provides Co-Authors Plus, various widgets, and RSS feed support.

Meks Smart Author Widget

This is an easy plugin designed to show the author’s information with the use of a custom widget. It can even automatically detect author information and display it.

You are allowed to choose the avatar size, show the author name, and provide extended descriptions. Furthermore, you can replace the title of the widget with the name of the author and display links to more posts of the author and also to their profile.

WP-Author Box

This is a unique author bio box plugin that allows unlimited tabs in the bio box. Unlike others it also lets you display the top authors with the highest view and post counts at the side of the page. This plugin is completely compatible with contact forms such as Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 which could be used to create contact tabs in the bio box.


Plugins are an easy and useful way for you to customize your WordPress pages on a higher level. You can find WordPress plugins such as the Simple Author Box Pro for bio boxes. The developer company, WebFactory Ltd is known for making some of the mot useful plugins for WP developers and admins.

Coming soon page for WordPress is another successful plugin developed by them, using which you can engage with your site visitors, even if you have to pull down pages for maintenance or updates.

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