The Most Successfull NFL Teams of All Time

What does it take to be considered one of the most successful NFL teams of all time? While you could definitely attribute a great deal of success to teams that have a high win versus loss score percentage based on the amount of games played, there’s more that goes into cultivating and developing a solid franchise than just winning games. It takes excellent leadership from the top of the coaching pyramid down to the bottom. It requires excellent scouting and patient player development. Successful franchises don’t produce teams that play well on just one side of the ball either. They have strong defenses and offenses, and are overall well-rounded.
As such, handicappers consistently provide NFL picks that highlight the fact that successful teams stay successful by remaining constant in areas that not only produce wins, but produce successes for individual players and special teams. It’s important to remember that when placing a bet for an NFL team, the forecasted winner may not always be the team that has the most wins or the highest wins versus losses point average. There are numerous considerations that handicappers account for when fleshing out who they will list as their pick.
If you’re in the market for a good handicapper for the upcoming season, be sure to check their track record and read up on their general knowledge about the NFL. In doing so, you should come across information that tells about the teams they consider some of the most successful. Here are our top three most successful NFL teams.

The New England Patriots

Far from just a winning team, the Patriots are an established franchise that has excellent leadership from the top down. Their owner, Robert Kraft, is highly skilled at managing ownership of the team and selecting leadership both on and off the field that helps the Patriots retain their success and popularity. One of the best aspects of Kraft’s leadership is his complete trust in his staff, who enjoy the ability to make game related decisions without his input.
The Patriots were franchised in 1970 and have a winning point average of .564, making them one of the most winning teams in the NFL. They’ve also amassed six Super Bowl championship wins and had a completely undefeated season in 2007.

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are an older franchise, dating back to 1933. As such, they’ve had plenty of time to hone in on what works and what doesn’t. One of the best decisions they’ve made was drafting Ben Roethlisberger as their quarterback. Historically, the NFL is a quarterback driven establishment. Practically every Super Bowl champion has had an impressive quarterback at the helm, and the Steelers are not an exception.
The Steelers have also claimed six Super Bowl championship titles, along with eight conference titles, and twenty-three division championships across their time in the AFC Central and AFC North. In total they’ve made it to the NFL playoffs thirty-one times.

The Dallas Cowboys

No “best of” the NFL list would be complete without at least a hat tip to the Dallas Cowboys. Consistently one of the top performing franchises in the NFL, the Cowboys hold the top spot for highest percentage of wins versus losses for games played in the NFL. They’re average win versus loss percentage sits at .572, the highest in the NFL to date. Their championships include five Super Bowl titles, ten conference championships, and twenty three division championships across the NFL Capitol division and NFC East.
Not only are the Cowboys a winning team, they are also immensely popular. They are the most highly valued team, claiming a net worth of over five billion dollars, and they consistently sell out games. In fact, they had a 190 game consecutive streak that began in 2002. Their revenue is over $600 million in revenue. The things that make a team most successful; excellent players, loyal fans, outstanding ownership and management, and an elite coaching staff, have been strong areas for the Cowboys since their inception in 1960. As such, it’s easy to see why they are consistently successful in regular season games, division, and national championships.
The crafting and procuring of a highly successful NFL team takes time, money, precise skill and decision making, both on and off the field. Teams that consistently remain successful and send the most players to the NFL hall of fame are teams that have mastered these skills and have the most knowledgeable people at the helm of their franchises.
Knowing about the successfulness of a great NFL team is a hallmark of a great NFL handicapper. Knowing the history of each franchise and how they show up to games and perform both at home and away can also determine how well a handicapper is able to judge their potential for winning against an opponent. A clear history of a team and its management is crucial for a handicapper’s overall success, and ultimately, your successful sports betting.

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