The Photographer’s Secret to Effective Instagram Marketing Revealed

Instagram is a wonderful place for both amateur and professional photographers to unveil their creativity to a broad spectrum, owing to how big and powerful of a social media it is. If you are currently pursuing photography for the sake of earning your bread or have just started out as a novice, and you do not happen to own an Instagram profile, you are definitely missing out on a gargantuan exposure.

Lacking out on familiarity with the social-media app might simply signify your cluelessness on how and from where to start. So, here’s a compilation to assist the photographers to get back up on the right track and get pro on Instagram marketing.

  • Starting Off

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is create an Instagram account. To maximise the benefits from the media-sharing platform, you need to have your app installed on your smartphone. So, without any further delay, just hit the app store and start downloading the app.

In case you already happen to own a personal account on Instagram, you have to identify whether you wish for a profile that is entirely dedicated to your hobby or photography business, or you are fine in combining the two. Thanks to the multi-account support of Instagram, it is now easy to add more than one profile to your app and manage them simultaneously.

Creating the Profile Aptly

It is a great idea to ensure that your Instagram followers and audience know how to get in touch with you for extra information, especially if your skills and works are for sale. If you own a website of your own, feel free to link the website to your profile. You can also pop your email address in the bio.

Your bio, on the other hand, must be short and crisp, but make sure to let people know about yourself and your work.

  • Determining the Posts

Instagram should in no way resemble your portfolio or website. You must think of innovative ways to showcase your unique personality and style to the world. Give in efforts to strike a contrast between a shot that’s absolutely spellbinding and signifies your ability, and ad-hoc phone snaps that gives a brief insight into the process, something similar to that of a visual diary. You can also use the app to try different styles and seek feedback from your Instagram followers.

  • Increasing Your Followers

Once you are familiar with Instagram, it is a wise idea to focus on alleviating your followers-especially if photography happens to be your bread and butter. With more followers, come more potential customers. The popular accounts of Instagram would also amass attention from huge companies like National Geographic, Associated Press, and Getty, who might be on the search for a new face.

Here’s how you can make sure that your Instagram likes are not only limited from family and friends:

  • Hashtags:

Hashtags are one amongst the tried and tested methods to ensure your photos are viewed by a set of interested Instagram users. Do your research on using the right hashtags for your photos.

  • Getting Involved

You can follow other users, whose accounts on Instagram seem inspiring to you. You can search by hashtags yourself, and look for other photographers who follow the same niche as you and like the same kind of technology and techniques like you.



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