The Power of Yoga: Pain Relief

Yoga is a discipline that was started by Patanjali. In Sanskrit, yoga literally means uniting. The union is of the body, mind, and spirit. Yogis are people who practice yoga.

Yoga has scientifically been proven to have numerous health benefits. The various benefits are stress management, mood improvement, and easing arthritis symptoms. Yoga also improves your balance and flexibility.

These benefits are among the numerous advantages of practicing yoga. However, we will focus on the benefits of yoga for hip pain.

The various poses and breathing techniques have proven to alleviate hip pain.

Can Yoga Alleviate My Hip Pain?

Yoga can indeed alleviate your hip pain.  The various poses and positions help relieve pain around the hips. There are various reasons why yoga alleviates hip pain.

  • Pelvic Joint Support

Pain in the hips can be a result of stress and weight on the pelvic bone. The various yoga poses strengthen the tendons and ligaments around the pelvis. These muscles are responsible for the movement and stability of your hip joints. Once the tendons and ligaments are strengthened, the joints move efficiently without stress.

The efficient movement of hip joints will subsequently relieve the pain in your hips.

Relaxing Muscles 

Cramped-up muscles around the hip can be a reason for your hip pain. Yoga poses help stretch and relax the tendons and ligaments around the hips. The stretched muscles will work freely and with less stress.

Subsequently, your hips will be relieved of the pain that stems from cramped-up muscles.

Free Up Pelvic Joints

Your hip joints may be operating on a tight opening. The tightness results in pain around the hips and lower back. Tight openings may be caused by clogged-up joints.

Yoga practice helps distribute your weight around the hips and alleviate the tight spots. These poses open up the hip joints and increase flexibility.

Flexibility eases the movement of your hips and relieves pain.

The Best Yoga Poses for My Hip Pain

There are several yoga poses and positions. These poses help the mind, body, and spirit in different ways. Specific yoga poses are meant for alleviating hip pain.

Contrary to popular belief, not every yoga pose helps relieve hip pain. You should consult your physician for the best recommendation.

However, scientific research has proven several yoga poses to be effective in relieving hip pain. Here are some of these poses.


Anjaneyasana is also known as the low lunge pose. You are required to place your left knee on the ground while extending the left leg backward. Raise your arms above your head.

Your right leg should be facing forward. This leg supports the weight exerted on your hips. Take eight deep breaths before switching your legs.

This pose improves the flexibility of your hips and strengthens hip muscles.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana is also known as the bridge pose. This pose requires you to lie down on your mat. Your back should be against the mat. Tilt your knees upwards and raise your chest upwards. Use your feet to support the weight. Stretch out your arms towards your feet and spread out your shoulders.

Take ten deep breaths before switching positions.

This position helps in aligning displaced pelvic bones. This realignment will relieve any pain that results from a misaligned pelvis.

Wild Pose

The wild pose is also known as the Utkatasana or the chair pose. This pose requires you to place your feet close to each other such that your big toes are in contact. Clap your palms together, then place your hands at the center of your chest. Bend your knee and move your hips downwards as if sitting in a chair. Keep an upright back.

Take five deep breaths while holding this position, then move back up.

This position will strengthen your outer hips.

Bent Leg Body Twist

The bent leg body twist is also known as the supine pose. This position requires you to lie down on your back. Bring your right knee close to your chest and hold it in place with your right arm. Use your left arm to twist your right led across your body while maintaining your shoulder position.

Take eight deep breaths before switching legs.

This pose helps relocate pelvic bones. This alleviates any pain that stems from dislocated pelvic bones.

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