Top 5 Features of Websites Designed by SEO Lancashire

It is common for most businesses to make a mistake of overlooking usability. For the success of any website, especially an ecommerce site, usability should never be neglected. For a custom cms website to be successful, it should not only seem good but also offer a flawless user experience to the visitors. It is why good usability is crucial.

Web Design Burnley focus on site usability in order to make it easy for the visitors to find the information they may be searching for quickly. Here are five essential features of a user-friendly site.

Mobile Compatibility

Designing a mobile friendly website is becoming a must and not a priority because more and more users are using their smartphones to access the internet. When designing a site, it is crucial to check how it appears on a mobile browser. Google mobile tester can be used to check how compatible a website is when being accessed from a mobile.

Well Organised Information

How information is presented and organised on your site is crucial for good usability. Nevertheless, most designers neglect this factor. A well-organised website is needed because a lot of content is being published on these sites to lure their target market. Besides, using a bespoke design instead of a template can incredibly enhance a website’s appearance.

Fast Load Times

There is nothing that annoys web visitors that a website that takes ages to load a basic page. As a matter of fact, slow speed is the leading reason why users leave a website. Therefore, having a fast loading website is essential for good usability. A page that loads fast can also rank higher on search engines. Various tools can help you determine your site’s loading time.

It should be Secure

Today’s web visitors are usually concerned about their security when browsing. Websites need to adhere to the industry’s guidelines and standards. For instance, it would be wise to ensure that passwords are not plainly displayed but encrypted if you have a user signup form. It is essential that the website utilises SSL encryption.

Effective Navigation

When it comes to good website usability, excellent navigation is one of the main features to take into consideration. Simple JavaScript and HTML menus tend to continue being used on all platforms and browsers. It is essential to avoid cluttering the menu navigation. Always try to lower the number of menu items as much as possible. If a website has many pages and sections, it would be wise if a sub-navigation or drop-down menu is used.

Lastly, good usability will offer visitors a seamless experience on your site. Usability is a feature that undeniably sets your website apart from the others.

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