Why Is UV Protection Done By The Plano Fence Company For Fence Durability?

Fences play an important role in any property. It comes with so many advantages. Right from providing security to redefining the overall look of the property, fences are much needed. It offers privacy from intruders while keeping the family members safe. It is the professional Plano fence company that can give the best service but it is important to have clarity on why maintaining a fence is important after installation at the property. Professionals can help with fence installation but it is important to follow some precautionary measures to improve its life span.

The role of painting a Fence:

Fences are one of the cost-friendly ways to give a property right bordering. The maintenance is not much trouble if the fences are made of metal or Vinyl. However, Plano has mixed weather. It can be warm and dry and sometimes it may rain too. This can hamper the wooden fence lifespan. If the wooden fence does not care well then there are high chances of it deteriorating in coming years. That is why painting a fence is important against changing climatic conditions.

Different paint for Fence Protection

  •   UV blocker:

The professional Plano fence company shall give good quality paint to the fence post its installation at the property. But the best way to protect the fence in all weather is to use preserving paint or stain. Tehri is a different product that is designed for wooden fences. Some standard fence paints can even protect against rain efficiently but sometimes sunlight may result in early aging. That is why choosing a UV blocker-based ingredient is important. It is a one-time investment and hence applying it on the fence is not a bad deal at all.

  •   Acrylic latex paint:

Another alternative to regular paint is acrylic latex paint. It blocks UV radiation from sunlight and offers a waterproof barrier. This type of paint is flexible. It means, it can easily contract and expand with the wood as the temperature changes. The fence users need to be conscious of it as sometimes the temperature can be quite high during the year.

The role of UV Protection for Better durability offense:

  •   Retain the beauty:

The energy of the sun consists of three different radiations like Visible Radiation, Ultraviolet Radiation, and Near-Infrared Radiation. These radiations are emitted to the earth which causes damage to wood. UV cannot be seen since it is not visible to the human eye. It has extremely short wavelengths that can range from 300 to around 380 nm.

Radiation that has a short wavelength penetrates the wood deeper. It thus results in oil disintegration which is present in all types of wood. Oil retains the quality of the wood. Those who have wood fences must protect the fence against fading and hence UV protection paint should be applied.

  •   Protection against elemental damages:

Plano has extreme climatic conditions. It is important to keep wooden fences and decks protected against ant elemental damages taking plan. If the right paint is applied, the fence’s natural beauty can be retained. That is why using UV protection Paint is advised as the right sealant to keep the fence not just look beautiful but also last for a long time.

Plano Fence Restoration: Know the right time

Plano fence company shall advise when is the right time to restore the fence or replace it. Often the fence doesn’t need to be replaced but simply requires restoration. Even if the fence is dull, gray, and faded but three could be more years of beauty for which right restoration is needed. It is advised to seek an expert’s opinion as they are trained and experienced in this sector. Fence restoration requires eight techniques to be used along with cleaning the exterior structure.

In case the fence is not painted for quite some time now and the wooden has already cracked then repainting itself will not be enough. Understand whether the fence is good enough for repainting otherwise replacing is only the wise option.

There could be a point when the fence needs to be replaced especially when there was no UV protection paint applied to it. If there is any split or crack noticed then chances are high that the fence can be damaged beyond restoration.

Know different patterns

A fence can be a little pricey since it is made only with quality supplies and products. There are different patterns of the fence such as private, shadowbox, and even custom options.

To control the crowd at some events or to organize a private party the custom fences can be of great help. Different complex fences offer features such as security installations and access-controlled systems but the price for the same can vary.

The fence’s material can be iron, metal, or vinyl too. However wooden fences are the most common ones. They are cost-friendly, easy to maintain, and add beauty to the property as well.

General tips that can improve Fence Lifespan:

The weather in Plano is quite nice indeed but the sun can emit harmful UV rays and rain can be damaging too. If the wooden fence is installed at the property, then because of such climate there is a potential risk of wood cracking or expanding. It often lets the moisture in during the rainy season and that is why look for the stain with UV protection only. It can preserve the wooden fence for quite a long time.


Preparing the wooden fence for painting is quite a crucial step that should never be rushed. It is important to get rid of debris and look for quality painting supplies that the Plano fence company offers. To protect a fence against sun and rain damage for long can be a challenging job. However, it should be done to keep the condition of the fence good and intact. Fence maintenance is not the problem if a good painting is chosen. Timely painting and renovation can always be helpful.

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