How to Choose a Pet Moving Service


Your pets are some of the most precious assets for your family. You love them unconditionally. And would do everything to ensure that they are comfortable during the moving process. If you’re moving for a distance, you want to consider hiring the services of a professional mover to make the process more bearable.

Since every pet is different, this calls for varying methods of handling their move. For instance, with your fish, you want to take extra care so you can take them to your other location in one piece. 

In this post, we discuss a few perks of hiring a professional moving company. And how to know whom to hire for the job.

  1. Experienced professionals

If you’re moving to a different location, transporting your pets needs extra care. You want to avoid situations that can harm these animals as much as possible. Professional moving services companies have the experience of moving pets and fish, keeping them as safe as possible. For example, these movers know how to move an aquarium. And ensure that the intended location is ready even before you begin the moving process.

The professionals are also familiar with pet handling procedures. And know how to handle any situations as they arise.

  1. Peace of mind

Entrusting your pets to a professional moving company ensures that they are safe and comfortable all through. And this gives you peace of mind. The ideal movers are knowledgeable about the behaviors and health of varying pets and breeds. And what to do and when.

Also, they have the necessary equipment to help with their safe moving. That could include spacious vehicles that are well ventilated and airy. And the ideal packaging materials to help with your move.

Also, these professional movers know when to stop during the ride. And what to do during the moving process.

  1. They give you the relevant advice.

The professional moving company gives you all the relevant advice you need for the safety of your pets. As mentioned above, they can guide you and teach you how to move an aquarium. And all the necessary equipment you need. That could include buckets and plastic containers for your plants and fish, towels, plastic bags, fishnets, tarps, and moving blankets. They also let you know when you need to involve the local pet score or specialist for the move.

  1. Tailored service

Another perk of hiring professional movers for your pet move is the tailored services offered to meet varying client needs. Since these family members can be challenging to transport, the ideal company is knowledgeable on pet transport services. And will arrange a comprehensive itinerary to accommodate all your needs.  The reassurance that your pets are safe during travel is priceless.

  1. Save your time

Moving to a different location can cause so many frustrations, especially if you have no one to hold your hand. However, a professional moving service company saves you time since you don’t have to think about packing. Or how to lift the pets and transport them safely.

These professional movers also have all the relevant paperwork to facilitate a smooth move. And that means that you don’t have to worry about such crucial aspects. They save you so much time and you have not thought much about the moving process.

That discussed, how do you choose the ideal pet moving service company?

  1. Do they know the ins and outs of travel?

Different countries have different regulations and rules when it comes to pet travel. For this reason, you need to consider a company that is conversant with all these laws before you can hire them.

Remember to ask if they have all the necessary documentation that allows them to do their job. And can handle the job as expected. If the company operates without this knowledge, it means that the safety of your pets is compromised. Check that the mover is pet-friendly and known to offer extra care for the same.

  1. Are they a full-service relocation company?

The ideal pet relocation company offers a range of services that meet varying client needs. That could include packing and moving your belongings to the delivery vehicle. And ensuring that your pets are safe and not distressed.

All these services are essential, especially when moving your pets.

  1. How long have they been in business?

Experience is crucial before hiring the services of a professional moving company. The longer they have been in the moving industry, the better their services. Ensure that the professional movers are approachable, friendly, and easily interact with you.

That way. You get to have a better understanding of the moving company. And their services. Also, an experienced company has over the years learned to offer the best services to their clients. And will most likely do the same for your moving project.

  1. Are they pet lovers?

Your pets are precious. And it makes sense if you entrust them to someone who feels the same about them. That means that even if a professional moving company is knowledgeable, they still have to show utmost concern and care for your pests.

Before you rely on the services of the moving company, check that they have a zero-harm rating. And that their track record is free from any contradicting pet incidences. All the staff should be pet friendly and know a few basics on animal care to ensure a smooth transit to your next home.

  1. What do previous customers say about their moving services?

Before settling on any professional moving services company, you want to read their reviews to assess what varying clients have to say about their moving services. One way to do this is by checking their website from varying client feedback. And from their social media platforms.

Since sometimes these comments could be biased and inaccurate, you want to ask for recommendations. That way, you get to have a clear representation of the moving company’s services. You might also request contacts of varying clients they have handled before to gain more insights about the professional movers.

Final thoughts

The perks of hiring professional movers for your pets are unlimited. All you have to do is carry out thorough research that will help you make the right decision. The tips discussed above will help you make the right choice with your moving company.



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