Phosphorus’s Contributions to Containing COVID-19

In 2016, Alexander Bisignano and Dr. Santiago Munne founded Phosphorus, a leading genomics company based in New York City. Bisignano, the company’s CEO, has been responsible for assembling the brightest minds to create technologies for preventing genetic diseases.

Since its founding, Phosphorus has helped many people live healthy lives and avoid illness. Phosphorus Diagnostics typically deals with genetic testing in cardiology, lipidology, pharmacogenetics, pediatrics, metabolic disorders, oncology, neurology, and ophthalmology. However, the company has since adjusted its operations to join the fight against COVID-19 through advanced testing.

Working With Albertsons Companies

Albertsons Companies is a leading drug and food retailer in the US, operating in the Washington DC and 34 states under popular banners like Vons, Albertsons, Pavilions, United Supermarkets, Tom Thumb, Acme, Haggen, Carrs, Jewel-Osco, Safeway, and Shaw’s. The company aims to make a difference in each neighborhood, and that commitment can be seen through its partnership with Phosphorus Diagnostics.

The partnership facilitates the offering of at-home test kits for COVID-19 in select markets, with intentions to expand the operation over September and October. The first markets to receive this service were Austin, Boise, and Houston markets, and it saw quick adoption and widespread appreciation from patients because of the program’s convenience.

Unlike the usual swab test, this saliva-based test is comfortable, and patients can reach Albertsons Cos. For care and guidance with a simple phone call. Phosphorous Genomics is delighted to work with Albertsons Cos. because accessibility of testing is fundamental to curbing the spread of the coronavirus. Albertsons Cos. expects to expand the offering of the test kits to all its areas of operations. The FDA has given its authorization for the use of the saliva test to detect COVID-19.

You can easily access the test from the comfort of your home by going to You will then fill out a simple online questionnaire, which will be reviewed by a local Albertsons Cos. pharmacist. The pharmacy will then contact you to schedule a pickup or delivery. Patients who are displaying symptoms cannot collect their tests themselves, so they can either schedule a delivery or send someone to pick up their test kit.

Partnership With the Citizen App

The Citizen app helps people monitor symptoms, learn if they may have been exposed to the virus, and locate testing sites. The app is available on Android and iOS devices and includes SafePass, a feature that works via Bluetooth. When activated, SafePass allows you to track when and where you may have been exposed to the virus and if you had primary contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus afterward.

Through their partnership with this app, Phosphorus Genomics will give tests to people alerted of potential infection over the next three months. The process recognizes and protects the privacy of individuals by not sharing personal data or names, and the app deletes personal data every 30 days. By working with this app, Phosphorus helps to keep tabs on exposures and find new cases early.

Phosphorus’s COVID-19 Test

Phosphorus Genomics designed its COVID-19 tests to facilitate innovative solutions for containing COVID-19. The SafePass feature offers an ideal use for its at-home tests. The company is offering an antibody test to identify current and past infections and a viral test for current infections. The first test is a simple saliva test, while the second requires a blood sample.

Antibody and viral testing are vital to comprehending and containing COVID-19, which is key to getting life back to normal. Unfortunately, both tests have limited accessibility in a traditional health care setting. Phosphorus Diagnostics is taking steps to remedy the situation by making tests that can be delivered to people’s homes.

The company’s testing protocols utilize strict standards for accurate and reliable results. Phosphorus has performed clinical studies beyond the FDA’s baseline requirements, and it complies with the FDA’s COVID-19 diagnostics test guidance. It produces the tests in its Secaucus, New Jersey-based CLIA-licensed lab.

Phosphorus aims to understand and use the power of the human genome to improve human lives. It offers reliable genomics tests to hospitals and healthcare providers using next-generation sequencing technologies.

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