What Are The Common Myths About Hair Transplant Procedure?

Decades ago hair transplant faced a lot of criticism as it could not fulfill the expectations of delivering natural looking results. But in present generation the procedure have many ways to deliver the maximum possible hair density with absolutely natural looking hairline. Since the early hair transplant period there are many sorts of myths prevailing regarding the procedure which has become the belief. Most of the hair loss sufferers bear the baldness throughout their lives living on those beliefs and not finding the real answers.

These myths should be busted for sure so that every hair loss sufferer can be benefitted from this most effective hair loss solution. Hair transplant is an elective procedure which is chosen by the patient and is not an emergency procedure as it does not cause any morbidity. Thus, the patient needs to make a choice when they feel ready to undergo the procedure if the candidature is confirmed.

Hair transplant in Jaipur is widely preferred by hair loss sufferers from all around the world. The reason for such patient footfall in pink city is because of the practicing few of the finest hair transplant surgeons in the city who are highly recognized worldwide. Including, the hair transplant cost in Jaipur is economical despite the international standards and astounding facilities which makes it a desired destination for many for hair transplant tourism.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the most recognized and celebrated hair transplant clinic in India and has delivered thousands of success stories since 2005. Our facilities, standards and infrastructure are incomparable which makes us different and best in the crowd of many hair transplant clinics. Dr Suneet Soni is an exemplary skilled surgeon whose popularity is not limited to India but is known worldwide. Including his unparalleled surgical skills he is well known for his genuine suggestions which make him one of the best surgeons of India.

Let’s bust some of the myths prevailing in the world of hair transplant from years and know the fact so that you could plan undergoing the hair transplant in a better way.

Myth #1: Hair transplant is a procedure only for males

Fact: It has been widely accepted that hair transplant is a procedure which can be performed only in males. But the fact is that this procedure can be performed on a person of any sex. Female hair transplant is though bit uncommon as compared to males because the pattern of baldness in females is different as they rarely suffer from baldness issue. The hair loss pattern in females involves central thinning and widening of partition instead of going bald. Including, the hair transplant in females is bit tricky so most of the inexperienced hair transplant surgeons hesitate to perform the procedure.

Myth #2: Hair transplant can bring your lost hairs back

Fact: Hair transplant has been misjudged as a regenerative procedure and people expect hair re growth by this procedure. But the fact is that hair transplant is purely a restorative procedure and it can only shift the hair follicles from the permanent root bearing areas of your own body to the bald site. It possesses no role in re growing the lost hair follicles. No procedure has been introduced till now which could regenerate the hair follicles.

Myth #3: Hair transplant provides immediate results

Fact: Most of the hair loss sufferer consult us and ask for immediate hair growth following hair transplant. The immediate outcomes after hair transplant is impossible as the newly transplanted hairs undergoes the complete hair growth cycle like the existing hairs. You might experience a visible hair growth in probably 6 months after the hair transplant procedure and complete hair growth can be observed in approximately a year.

Myth #4: Hair transplant is a painful procedure

Fact: Most of the patients hesitate to undergo hair transplant because of inevitable association of surgery and pain. But the fact is hair transplant is completely a painless procedure once the local anesthesia is administered. The procedure when performed by expert hands surely goes without a pinch of pain and comfortably.

Myth #5: Hair transplant can be performed at a specific age

Fact: Hair transplant has been misinterpreted as a procedure which can be performed at a specific age and would cause harm when performed at a younger age. Ideally, for performing hair transplant there is no specific recommended age. The procedure can be performed at any age if the hair loss is stable for at least 3 years and no underlying abnormality in scalp is identified.

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